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28-10-2016 – Appreciation rate: *****

Great! The ginger nuts and chocolate letters are delivered. I was not at home but my husband has already opened the package. You guessed it, the first bag is already empty…
Thanks for the fast delivery.

(originaly dutch comment)

O. Versteech - Portugal

11-08-2016 – Appreciation rate: *****

My order has arrived today, I’m glad it went well. Thanks also for the free syrup waffles, delicious!

(originaly dutch comment)

L. Breedijk - Canada

24-10-2015 – Appreciation rate: *****

Woow, that was a fast delivery ! also a very good customer service… i’ll come back soon.
Thank you!
D. Carroll - United Kingdom

03-07-2015 – Appreciation rate: *****

Thanks for the service !

(originaly dutch comment)

Anonymous - Norway

18-02-2015 – Appreciation rate: *****

Yes! Finally back at home, Dutch licorice… this is what I really missed. If the bags of licorice are emty, ofcourse i will order again. Thank you!

(originaly dutch comment)

Anonymous - Australia

04-12-2014 – Appreciation rate: *****

Top! The Syrup waffles are delivered, rather than I expected. Thanks for the good service.

(originaly dutch comment)

Anonymous - Denmark



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