Baby cheese – Riperkrite Tsiis – De Deelen


Baby cheese – Riperkrite Tsiis – De Deelen.

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Baby Cheese – Riperkrite Tsiis +/- 950 grams – Kaasboerderij De Deelen.Baby cheese - Riperkrite Tsiis - De Deelen

Hand-made cheese from the cheese farm De Deelen in the heart of Friesland. Sustainable farm adjacent to a unique nature reserve De Deelen.

– 48+ with celery, chives, and garlic.

This particular cheese is named after the meadow nature De Ripen, that (like nature’s Deelen) adjacent to the lands of Kaasboerderij The Deelen. A rugged area with a unique vegetation, where the wind has to say. That character is also reflected in this specialty, which is made with a blend of celery, chives, and garlic.


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Check with your local Customs or Dutch cheese may be imported into the country in which you are residing.

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