Conimex Spices mix Bami Goreng


Spices mix Bami Goreng of Conimex

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Conimex Spices mix Bami Goreng. Sachet 43 grSpices Mix Bami Goreng - Conimex

Spices mix Bami Goreng of Conimex, for a delicious authentic dish-3-4 persons

  • Add manually:
    250 grams of noodles, 250 grams unsalted pork, 50 grams of ham (diced), 1 Bami packet
    of 300 grams of vegetables of your choice (onion, cabbage, bean sprouts, etc.) Sambal Oelek or sambal Tjampoer, 2 tablespoons of oil.
  • 1. Break the noodles into a few pieces. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package. Drain, rinse with cold water, and drain.
    2. Put the contents of this bag in 100 ml of boiling water.
    3. Heat 2 tablespoons of wok oil in a wok. Wok the diced pork until tender.
    4. Add the Mix for Bami Goreng.
    5. Then add the fresh vegetables and stir them for 2 minutes.
    6. Finally, add the ham cubes and the drained noodles and warm the whole, stirring constantly. Add soy sauce, atjar, and seroendeng for more taste.

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Ker­rie­krui­den (be­vat mosterdzaad), sui­ker, zout, gem­ber, aro­ma, ui, knof­look, bladselderij, ro­de pa­pri­ka, wor­tel, ge­hy­dro­ly­seer­de plant­aar­di­ge ei­wit­ten, palm­vet, aard­ap­pel­zet­meel, glu­co­se­stroop, ana­nas­sap, gist­ex­tract, mal­todex­tri­ne, dex­tro­se, so­ja­saus (spja-boon, tarwe). Be­vat mo­ge­lijk: ei, melk.

Be­vat: sel­de­rij, glu­ten­be­vat­ten­de gra­nen, mos­terd en so­ja.

Voedingswaarden per 100gr
Vet 2,5 g
Waarvan verzadigd 0,7 g
Eiwitten 8 g
Energie 530 kJ
Energie 130 kcal
Koolhydraten 17 g
Voedingsvezel 1,5 g
Zout 0,28 g
Waarvan suikers 2,0 g


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