D.E. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red 900gr


D.E. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red.

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D.E. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red 900gr.D.E. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red 900gr

Douwe Egberts Aroma-Red is the fragrant, spicy coffee that is the most consumed in the Netherlands. That is partly due to the balanced blend of powerful Robusta beans and aromatic Arabica beans that is short and full-blown. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red is available in packs of 500 and 900 grams. Douwe Egberts Coffee is made in Joure (Friesland). The company exists since 1753.

– D. E. Coffee Beans Aroma-Red 900 grams

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Arabic and Robusta coffee beans.


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