LU Bastogne Original 260g


Original Bastogne cookies from LU

Contents: 260 grams
Shipping weight: 280 grams


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LU Bastogne Original 260 gramsLU Bastogne Original 260 grams

Crispy cookies with candy powder.

  • For coffee or tea.
  • For baking.
  • Original and unique recipe.
  • Approx. 22 cookies per package.


More Information:

Bastogne cookies are delicious Belgian cookies originally made by the LU (Lefèvre-Utile) brand. These cookies are named after the Belgian city of Bastogne (in French, Bastogne), and they are known for their rich cinnamon and brown sugar flavor. The Bastogne cookies have a characteristic texture, are crunchy, and have a unique taste that is loved by many.

They consist of a firm dough flavored with cinnamon and sugar and often have a characteristic relief pattern on the top. These cookies are often used as an ingredient in desserts or enjoyed with coffee or tea.

LU, full Lefèvre-Utile, is a well-known French brand of cookies and biscuits. It was founded by Jean-Romain Lefèvre and his wife Pauline-Isabelle Utile in 1846 in Nantes, France. It started as a bakery called “Lefèvre-Utile” where cookies and biscuits were produced.


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Wheat flour 45.6%, color (caramel), palm oil, cinnamon 0.2%, fructose-glucose syrup, candy powder 10%, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), eggs, candy syrup, salt, flavoring, glucose syrup, sugar.

Contains: Eggs, Wheat.
May also contain: Sesame.

Nutritional values per 100 grams:
Energy 2045 kJ/485 kcal
Fats 20 gr
Of which saturated 9.4 gr
Carbohydrates 71 gr
Of which sugars 40 gr
Fiber 2.0 gr
Proteins 4.7 gr
Salt 0.8 gr



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