De Kolonisten & Zeevaarders van Catan - Board Game - SET+


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De Kolonisten van Catan.


De Zeevaarders van Catan.

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Brand 999 Games
Quantity 2
Shipping weight 2.200 kg
Functions 3 to 4 players
Language Dutch
Suitable for children over 12 years

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De Kolonisten & Zeevaarders van Catan - Board Game - SET+

Lies in you a real trader? Find out with the Settlers of Catan! This sweltering parlor game, you collect as many
raw materials and build your cities. Negotiate with the bank and your fellow players, but beware of the highwayman!
 • Age: from 12 years.
 • +/- 75 minutes per game fun.
 • Play with three to four other settlers.
 • An exciting board game.
 • For the purebred negotiator!

Set Includes:
De Kolonisten van Catan & De Zeevaarders van Catan

The Game:
In 2000, this popular trading game was voted Toy of the Year. Since that time, more than one million copies sold. The game is fun for everyone because of the interaction, the hint of luck and tactical capabilities.
You start with two villages at a variable board with fields, meadows, hills, mountains and forests. If you turn,
you throw two dice to determine who receive raw materials.
It depends on the position of your villages. Then you can deal with the bank or with your fellow players. Because you do not get all kinds of raw inside.
And which you do need to build new villages, streets and cities. You can also buy development cards to do special actions.
Furthermore, there is a highwayman around robbing some empty landscapes. Villages and towns not only supply raw materials, but are also worth points.
Developmental cards, the longest continuous route and the largest seizure knight runs. Who was the first to 10 points wins the game!

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