Klene Licorice Salty Salmiakriksen


Dutch Licorice of KLENE. Salty Salmiakriksen

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Klene Licorice Salty Salmiakriksen – 210 grams.Klene Licorice Salty Salmiakriksen

The salty SalmiakRiksen® among Klene’s classics. Nice soft licorice, with recognizable salmiac salty taste. Typical licorice for trained licorice lover who is not afraid of a little salt. Like the authentic taste, Klene is not going to change the old value. No euros on the Riks.

Klene, Dutch the only real, makes licorice since 1876!

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Sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup (contains sulfite), gelatin (contains sulfite), water, wheat flour, sal ammoniac salt, licorice root extract, coconut oil, natural aroma, polish (beeswax)


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