Klene Licorice Sweet Licorice Steekpenningen


Dutch Licorice of KLENE. Sweet Licorice Steekpenningen

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Klene Licorice Sweet Licorice Steekpenningen – 210 grams.Klene Licorice Sweet Licorice Steekpenningen

The spicy sweet licorice Steekpenningen® is made according to the authentic family recipe. The licorice makes the Steekpenningen® powerful licorice. Our combination with salty salmiak provides a unique flavor and makes it just a little different than other licorice. Legally pay will not go with the Steekpenningen®. But it bribes someone is always trying.

Klene, Dutch the only real, makes licorice since 1876!

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Sugar, glucose syrup (contains sulphite), modified starch
gelatin (contains sulphite), liquorice root extract, cane sugar, molasses, water, sal ammoniac salt


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