Venco Licorice Droptoppers Creaky & Soft


Dutch Licorice of Venco. Droptoppers Creaky & Soft

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Venco Licorice Droptoppers Creaky & Soft. – 205 gramsVenco Licorice Droptoppers Creaky & Soft

Tasty licorice of Venco, mixed. A combination of Brilliants and less than 3 different types of griots each with its own specific taste. This deliciously soft and sweet licorice with a slight crackling sugar coating ensures each for a different taste experience! If you like lightly sugared candies, this is the perfect mix.

Venco Licorice Toppers Cracking & Soft.

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Sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, gelatin, liquorice root extract 1.7%, sal ammoniac salt, salt, caramelised sugar, natural aromas, wheat flour


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